Those who sew likely resonate with the tendency to want to save the tiniest pieces of fabric. Anything that can hold at least 2 seams is potentially still usable.

During zoom-meetings with friends in the corona pandemic, I made mini-patchworks using these tiny pieces of fabric. I called them “doodles” and they ended up forming the building blocks for new pieces of work.

More pieces followed, with the same process as a starting point: intuitively stitching together small patches. Select fabrics, pick a thread, don’t think too much and sew. Simple stitches, like running stitch and a single backstitch. Allow your hands to do the work and observe what unfolds.

meetings I II and III – 13x18cm – sold
scrapmeeting I – 20x20cm – sold
scrapmeeting II – 20x20cm – sold
moving on – 50×70 cm – available