I started making art because of the sense of freedom it gives me. Freedom to follow an idea and make your own choices from what is possible. Without instruction or judgement, except from myself.

Textiles came my way in the form of a box of patches I was going to clear out for my mother. Instead of taking the box straight to the thrift store, I opened it up. Picking up the rolls of fabric, reinspired the pleasure I used to have, making something with my hands.

I don’t know if that inspiration would have hit with any other materials, maybe it would have. But “making something” with textiles had familiar feeling, from the old days, when I liked to craft and make things from scraps, when my mother was sewing clothes behind her machine.

My need to express myself creatively and my good grades in science subjects at school gave me the idea to study architecture. But after graduating in architecture from TU Delft and working in the field for years, I missed my independence there. I preferred to follow a creative path with more joy and freedom. I changed jobs to be able to make art alongside my work.

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